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Enterprise Services​

Optimizing enterprise operations by facilitating robust integration of diverse systems and applications.

This service focuses on seamlessly integrating disparate cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid systems to ensure efficient data exchange and functionality across various platforms such as SAP HANA, SAP ECC, SAP BTP, Oracle Fusion Platform, etc. It includes REST and cloud API integrations that enhance operational efficiency and support real-time decision-making. By transforming diverse applications and data formats into a cohesive ecosystem and enabling automated workflows, the service dramatically reduces manual interventions and delivers significant time and cost savings.

Comprehensive System Integration

Integrating enterprise applications such as SAP HANA, SAP ECC, Oracle Fusion Platform, on cloud or on-premises, and hybrid systems to ensure seamless communication and data exchange.

Advanced API Management

Utilizes sophisticated API strategies to enhance efficiency and enable agile, real-time decision-making across systems.

Custom Adapter Development

Creating custom adapters for systems like SAP and Oracle, facilitating tailored integrations and improved data consistency.

Operational Efficiency Enhancement

Improvements in operational efficiency and process automation, resulting in significant time savings and streamlined operations.

SAP and Meter Data Integration

Achieved streamlined operations by integrating SAP with the L&G Meter Data Management system.

Enhanced Outage Management

Connected an outage management system with a customer-facing web application, enhancing service efficiency.

Optimized eHana Workflows

Seamless integration between SAP eHana and a web portal, optimizing workflows and access to real-time information.

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