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App Dev & Modernization Services

Assess, transform, re-platform, and migrate applications, ensuring they are modern, scalable, and optimally aligned with your business needs.

We integrate agile methodologies and DevOps practices to deliver efficient and innovative solutions, all while enhancing user experiences to drive efficiency, foster growth, and modernize applications.

Our services specialize in creating advanced, custom applications tailored to meet dynamic market needs, transforming outdated legacy systems into modern, cloud-enabled platforms for improved performance and scalability.


Review and streamline your application with a cost-benefit analysis and a modernization roadmap, including a target state architecture, utilizing accelerators and expert insights.


Transition your application to a scalable and cost-efficient platform using microservices, agile methodologies, DevOps, and hybrid cloud strategies to accelerate re-platforming.


Adopt flexible architecture for new capabilities and faster development cycles using design thinking and rapid prototyping in a cloud environment for enhanced user experiences.


Seamlessly migrate your application to a standards-based setup with minimal business impact, leveraging advanced container technologies and hybrid cloud expertise.

GeoAcquire Platform Development

Developed an innovative land records management system, showcasing technical expertise and innovation.

Supplier Diversity Portal Modernization

Modernized for a Fortune 500 company, enhancing functionality and accessibility.

Contract Lifecycle Management System

Implemented for a Japanese manufacturing firm to streamline their processes.

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