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SaaS Solar Data Insight Platform​

Successfully deployed and being used by companies in the USA. It provides the visibility of behind the meter energy production/consumption and enables ISOs to improve their forecasting .

Operational for last 5 yrs

Multi-location delivery​

10 average from offshore

Client Brief

There was no easy and structured access to behind-the-meter solar generation data which plays an important role in energy trading, understanding how much consumption was provided through solar energy rather than coming from mega generation plants.
With the growth of community solar, and exponential deployment of rooftop solar, this data is crucial for managing the grid. 

Key Features

  • Ingestion of data from multiple inverter data providers in easy to-configure platform​

  • Clients can access the data based on their needs, such as load zone data, daily true-ups, near real-time ​

  • Ability to refresh the data set as solar implementations are increasing over the year​

  • Ability to understand the accuracy and quality of data through regular notifications​

  • Supports 5-minute interval data, 15 minutes near real-time data​

  • Security provides the data to the client using SFTP thereby isolating their system from the SaaS platform​

  • QuickSight dashboard to quickly analyze the data and trends.​


Exception management for non-communicating inverters, ingesting data from multiple providers, and understanding the accuracy and reliability of the data was a challenge. We moved from file-based data integration with data providers to API-based data calls.

Our Solution

We built the Solar Digital Data Insight platform that allows multiple solar inverter data providers to plug it into our platform as a data provider and multiple clients such as independent system operators and utilities to consume the solar generation data on a near real-time basis, daily true ups and spread of the generation across the load zones.

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