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Mobile Application using .NET Maui​

Successfully deployed and being used by 200+ companies for managing 811 requests. Microsoft identified the app as a showcase project for MAUI platform.

13 Months

Multi-location delivery​

6-8 from offshore

Client Brief

Our Client wanted to build a new mobile platform that can leverage the power of data to locate dig area, identify threats, analyze risk, manage 811 tickets, and alert qualified workers — before damage occurs. ​

Key Features

  • Exceptional well design User Experience​

  • GIS capabilities on a mobile app for seeing the tickets and location sites​

  • Choose the layer of the map you wish to see​

  • Shorted path to get to the location and sequencing of tickets based on location​

  • Offline functional app for field force to use the application in not connected zones​

  • View and upload site photos and videos​

  • Respond and resolve any open ticket with the locator​

  • Management of work items and tickets together​

  • Company-specific configurable setting to be managed by the respective administrators of the company​

  • Integrated solution with legacy 811 Application, ​Outbox and Notifications​


Requirement gathering was challenges because of lack of SME availability. Maui technology was not generally available hence it was not ready for prime time. It required multiple controls to be developed to address the gaps. Testing the app required a deep understanding of the legacy application and data preparation for comprehensive testing was complex.

Our Solution

We designed, built, and deployed a mobile application that runs on iOS iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet, and Windows App using .NET MAUI technology.

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