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GeoAcquire - A Land Acquisition Management System​

The GeoAcquire - A Land Acquisition Management System streamlines the management of land records, facilitating efficient land purchases and workflow approvals. It offers advanced analytics and GIS capabilities, enhancing the speed and ease of accessing relevant documents and managing payments.


Multi-location delivery​

Client Brief

The client aimed to support their ambitious expansion goals by acquiring extensive land parcels for their solar plant projects, targeting an increase from 4 GW to 30 GW over the next seven years. They sought a digital solution to streamline their land acquisition process, aiming to reduce the acquisition time.

Key Features

  • Manage projects based land acquisition across locations

  • ​Leverage enterprise workflow for internal approvals 

  • Supports various use cases of the land ownership including govt/non-govt

  • It enables the family tree, splitting land, SC/ST owned, etc as well.​

  • Manage project budget, facilitator and advocate for a project

  • Quickly find land records from the repository​

  • Micro-services based highly scalable, secured, and flexible platform​

  • Supports internationalization and multiple languages


Our approach involves crafting solutions driven by client research and insights, ensuring that development and validation of features progress seamlessly from prototype to actual implementation, in close collaboration with the client. We are dedicated to executing the project with "Zero Defect" as our core guiding principle.

Our Solution

The product development strategy focused on partnering with renewable energy firms to identify their land acquisition challenges, aiming to tailor a versatile solution for companies needing large land parcels. This approach encompassed defining key user scenarios, developing a scalable architecture, and ensuring the solution's usability and maintainability.

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