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Diversity Portal on Azure​

Highly successful project with multiple accolades from the client. Improved data quality by 60% and increased efficiency of the operation by 50%. Implemented 9 releases in the last two years.

Ongoing, working for last two years

Multi-location delivery​

12 average from offshore

Client Brief

Our Client wanted to migrate their legacy Diversity Business Portal to modern technology on the Azure cloud to improve the experience for their prime users, mitigate security issues and enhance the quality of compliance. ​

Key Features

  • Agile delivery of the supplier diversity portal with CI/CD through multi-stage YAML pipelines

  • Implemented guard rails to control the availability of the right POs to vendors to improve compliance.

  • Two web-facing UI for Internal and external users, complying with complex security requirements of the client.

  • Implemented custom Column-level encryption of the data in the DB

  • Implemented audit logs to track account-level changes on the portal

  • Implemented innovative controls in the processes to improve the efficiency by 50%.

  • Meeting SLA of <2 sec response time for 100+ concurrent users

  • Training and technical documentation to help train the business users


Improvement in business processes, understanding steps of processes which were run in local machines by diversity portal lead in access DB, knowledge acquisition of the system during initial transition, implementation of controls, and change management were a few key challenges faced by the team.

Our Solution

We designed, built, and deployed the Supplier Diversity Business Portal to allow external users (Prime vendors) to authenticate using SAP CDC and internal user SSO through corporate Azure AD. We introduced the integration of the solution components on-premises such as SAP BW, SAP eHana, and Supplier Cleaning House from the Diversity Business Portal running on Azure.

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