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Advanced Digital Platform

Built an cloud platform using Micro Services Architecture with highly reusable components. The solution provides accelerators that reduce the 25% implementation time.​

24 Months

Multi-location delivery​

10 average from offshore

Client Brief

The client used our Advance Digital Platform to build custom applications to automate the process of contracts and legal life cycle management, leveraged automated DevOps process for faster development and deployment of new applications on the new platform.

Key Features

  • Micro-services based highly scalable, secured, and flexible technology platform​

  • Built more than fifteen common micro-services that are reused across use cases​

  • Improvement implementation time of new services by 25%​

  • Supports internationalization and multiple languages


The Implementation of access control at the data level, limited Japanese language expertise during the initial period of the project, and requirement evolution led to rework but we accommodated the changes because of the flexible architecture.

Our Solution

We built the advanced digital platform that runs on-premises as well as on AWS cloud and is managed by Kubernetes. It enabled our client to migrate existing applications (enterprise portal) and build new capabilities such as Contract Life Cycle Management, and Instrument Management Systems. It became an alternative platform to deploy all their non-core, non-ERP business processes and integrate them with enterprise applications.

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