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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Sujosu is focused on providing technology based value-added services to multiple clients across industries. For example, in the Energy and Utility Industry, we are generating insights from solar data for optimizing energy markets in the USA with our deep expertise in analytics and machine learning.

Our team provides unmatched expertise in cutting edge technologies, cloud, IoT, machine learning, mobility and application development, and integration. We are thought leaders when it comes to complex IT solutions running on cloud or on-premises. Our team is made up of experts who do not sit on their accomplishments (e.g., our founder and managing director has 40 US patents on his name and was a Master Inventor) but ever ready to use the experience and expertise to solve client's problems. Our motto is innovation matters and indeed it's embedded in our DNA.

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Sujosu Technology is a technology services company that provides end to end turnkey project executions in various technologies. We help our clients succeed in their endeavor by providing deep technology and management expertise.

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Team Members

Our team provides unparalleled expertise in technology project implementations. We help clients achieve their dream within the agreed time and budget. Our team is dedicated to innovations that matter and your success.

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Architecture Knowledge

Our leadership team is made up of TOGAF Distinguished Certified Architect and Master Certified Architects and consultants who have managed successful technology practices and client programs around the world in multiple industries.

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Analytics Services

Our Executives have led complex analytics solutions and were part of the core team in IBM in establishing and growing cognitive practice. We provide AI and analytics capabilities to make your enterprise smarter.

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Blockchain Services

We have established the Blockchain Center of Excellence for developing applications in Blockchain technology. We work in Ethereum as well as the Hyperledger platform.

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Cloud Services

We are born in cloud technologies service provider. We live and breathe the core of cloud technology and help develop cloud applications as well as migrate legacy applications to the cloud.

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IoT Services

We have experts, who hold patents on the Internet of Things solutions. We provide domain expertise in energy and automotive to implement Internet of Things services.

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Application Design, Build, Test & Run

Our Application Design, Build, Test and run services provide systematic world-class software development capabilities. We come with deep expertise in custom as well as package implementation.

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Consulting services

Our consulting services provide data-driven insights for aligning your efforts to your goals. We help formulate strategy and operationalization through technology implementations.

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